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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to control a large group of dogs off leash? Most people imagine mayhem and chaos when you put a group of unknown dogs together. It’s true that dogs can fight and bite, but it’s also true that certain skills used by excellent daycare facilities keep dogs safe while they play together. The annual Daycare Games, presented by The Dog Gurus, focus on proving who is the best at providing these skills to the dogs in their care. The games, which took place from February to March, just concluded. Guess who took home gold? Barkaritaville Pet Resort! And six of our staff took home individual gold medals!

The Dog Gurus designed the Daycare Games to be a skills-based challenge that keeps dogs safe and happy and recognizes top dog daycare providers for their unique skills. We could not be more proud of our team.

Doggie daycare at Barkaritaville is a safe and interactive place for your dog to play and the best worry-free alternative to leaving your dog alone at home. Rain or shine, your dog will enjoy a fun-filled day of activities, attention, and companionship! 

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