Pets and Hurricane Preparedness

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Everything is bigger in Texas, including hurricane season. In a ranking of which states have the most hurricanes, Texas comes in at number two, after Florida. Make sure you’re prepared to not only care for yourself, but your pets as well, should disaster strike. Texas hurricane season June 1 is the start of hurricane season… Read more »

Summer Heat Safety for Dogs

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May 2022 kicked off summer in Texas with a blistering bang. The sweltering heat knocked six power plants offline over a month before the official first day of summer. Keeping the a/c running across the state may be well beyond your control but you can keep your pets safe in the Texas heat with this… Read more »

National Pet Dental Health Month

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Sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), National Pet Dental Health Month is recognized every February, but your pet’s teeth matter every day. Sure, it can feel like a chore sometimes, but we have the luxury of being able to brush our teeth and schedule dental appointments on a regular basis. But for our… Read more »

First Time Boarding Your Dog

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Remember your first time spending the night away from your parents at a new place? Maybe you stayed at a summer camp lodge or a choir trip hotel. Were you nervous? Excited? Thankfully, your parents were able to explain to you where you were going and when you would see them again. Pets, however, don’t… Read more »

San Antonio Dog Training

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Looking for professional dog in training in San Antonio? Barkaritaville Pet Resort in Northwest San Antonio, near The Dominion, offers a variety of dog training classes year-round at our state of the art facility including two classes starting in November. Led by our certified professional dog trainer, Susan Morilak, CPDT-KA, Intro to Rally and Scent… Read more »

Celebrating Pet Hearing Awareness Week

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Sponsored by Pet Acoustics, Pet Hearing Awareness Week is September 20-24, 2021. Pet Acoustics makes music scientifically designed to naturally soothe stress behaviors and it’s the music we play every day throughout Barkaritaville Pet Resort. We’re proud to celebrate pet hearing every day of every week! About Pet Acoustics at Barkaritaville Pet Resort Pet Acoustics… Read more »

Preparing You and Your Pets for Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

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The greatest threat from hurricanes in Texas is typically August through September and this year is no exception. On September 12, 2021, forecasters at the National Hurricane Center announced Tropical Storm Nicholas had formed in the Gulf of Mexico and storm warnings were issued for coastal Texas. Even if tropical storms don’t grow to hurricane… Read more »