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Looking for professional dog in training in San Antonio? Barkaritaville Pet Resort in Northwest San Antonio, near The Dominion, offers a variety of dog training classes year-round at our state of the art facility including two classes starting in November. Led by our certified professional dog trainer, Susan Morilak, CPDT-KA, Intro to Rally and Scent Work are both six weeks long and designed to improve your dog’s health and well-being. And you’ll have fun, too!

AKC Rally

AKC Rally is a team sport for you and your dog. Together, as a team, you and your dog navigate a course side-by-side. Whether you train just for fun or decide to participate in Rally competitions, this class helps to develop better teamwork between you and your dog. Next six-week course, Into to Rally Group Class, begins November 2, 2021, at 8:00pm.

Scent Work for dogs

If your dog loves using his sniffer, Scent Work might be his perfect sport! Scent Work is a positive, fun, and engaging activity that allows your dog to follow his nose. This search and scenting activity, suitable for most dogs (and people), helps build confidence and focus as well as provide a safe way to keep your dog fit and healthy through mental and physical exercise. Next six-week course, Scent Work Group Class, begins November 4, 2021, at 6:00 pm.

San Antonio professional dog trainer

Training at our San Antonio resort is conducted by Certified Professional Dog Trainer Susan Morilak, CPDT-KA. Susan has been a professional dog trainer for more than a decade, working with dogs at all levels and of all temperaments. Now is a great time to set your pup up for success with training. Learn more about Susan here or contact her directly right now for a free consultation to discuss what training is right for your dog and you. Call or email Susan at 210-405-0509 or