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Thanks to noisy fireworks, more pets reportedly go missing around the Fourth of July than any other time of the year. Even though fireworks are notoriously frightening for our furry friends, many folks cannot resist the allure of loud, colorful displays exploding in the sky. But if you put yourself in your pet’s position for a minute, think of how frightened you would be if unexplained loud noises and bright lights began erupting above you without warning. You might just start running, too. Whether you intend to set off fireworks or you live in a neighborhood where others might, plan ahead for the evening’s festivities with the following tips to help keep pets comfortable and safe.

Create a calming indoor space

If you do nothing else to help keep your pets safe, just make sure they’re safely contained indoors. Ensure windows, doors (including pet doors), and yard gates are closed and secured. And don’t wait until the Fourth of July to start these precautions as fireworks often begin a few days before and continue days after. Consider setting your pets up in a separate room that has the least exposure to the direction of fireworks and is secured enough to reduce the risk of escape. Keep curtains closed to minimize flashes of light that can trigger fear. Further, help take the edge off of the pops and bangs with music or background television playing to help mask the scary sounds. At Barkaritaville Pet Resort, we play Pet Acoustics throughout the facility every day. Pet Acoustics is music scientifically designed to naturally sooth stress behaviors.

Make sure pets have proper identification

Even if your pets are safely tucked away, music gently playing, a simple additional safeguard for them is wearing a collar with identification tag that clearly provides your contact information. A cute tag with just a name will not help get them home. Don’t have a tag? Use a permanent marker to write your phone number directly on your pet’s collar. Also, if your pet is microchipped ensure your contact information is current.

Help your pets “chill out”

At Barkaritaville Pet Resort, we are always on the prowl for products that enhance pet wellbeing. One product that has worked wonders with our own pets is a CBD chew by Super Snouts Hemp Company called “Chill Out.” These calming, veterinarian formulated soft chews help maintain normal disposition and emotional balance and help support calmness during fireworks, separation, travel, and tension. We’re proud to offer these CBD chews at our pet resorts in Corpus Christi and San Antonio. Stop by and purchase before the fireworks begin!

Take care even after the fireworks have fizzled

Because your pet may still be in flight behavior after the fireworks have stopped, be sure to take extra care. If you’re taking your dog out, be sure to keep him on a leash, make sure you know where your cat is hiding, and give your pet a session of your calm touch.

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