Doggie Daycare

Doggie daycare at Barkaritaville is a safe and interactive place for your dog to play and the best worry-free alternative to leaving your dog alone at home. Rain or shine, your dog will enjoy a fun-filled day of activities, attention, and companionship! We understand every pet is unique which is why we offer both Enrichment Daycare and Classic Daycare. And, no matter what type of play best suits your furry family member, you will have peace of mind knowing that our daycare programs were designed for the health and safety of all dogs.

Dog Boarding 

For longer stays, we offer our luxury dog boarding services! Your pet's new home away from home!

How to Get Started

Our daycare playgroups are carefully formed by assessing size, temperament, and playstyle so your pet can expend energy interacting and socializing with like-minded friends. Please contact us to discuss your dog's needs and schedule an initial evaluation.

Indoor & Outdoor Play

Your dog will enjoy our spacious indoor & outdoor play areas. San Antonio guests will love our pool!

Constant Supervision

Our Daycare team is trained and certified in dog body language and behavior and we proudly abide by The Dog Gurus Group Play Safety Pledge.

Stimulating Activities

We provide a full day’s curriculum which includes stimulating games, obedience tasks, and activities.

Enrichment Daycare Program

Our smaller enrichment daycare groups involve structured canine enrichment and much-needed rest times.

Beachcomber Enrichment Daycare Program.

Our Beachcomber Enrichment Daycare Program incorporates small group play sessions or private one-on-one playtimes, with hand-selected activities for your dog. Each enrichment activity is designed to provide an enhanced level of hands-on care and mental stimulation to meet the unique needs and qualities of each dog who participates.

Why do we believe in this format? We know that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work for every dog. Our Beachcomber Enrichment Daycare Program ensures that each dog will enjoy a fun day of quality play and mental stimulation, along with plenty of time to reenergize in between.

Will my dog still go home tired? Yes! But not so exhausted that they want to sleep instead of eating or interacting with the family.

What kinds of activities will my dog do? That really depends on what your dog likes best! We will conduct a thorough assessment to determine what your dog really loves and then we'll add those activities into your dog's daily activity schedule.

Will my dog have to stay in an enclosure all day? Absolutely not! The daily schedule is filled with a variety of playtimes and fun interactions with our team, combined with rest times in between. This downtime in between physical and mental activity helps each dog wind down and relax after play, so that after the rest time, they are ready for more fun and learning experiences.

How do I get started in the new program? Just let us know you're interested. If we don't hear from you but we identify your dog as a great candidate for this unique program, we'll contact you!

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