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Preparing You and Your Pets for Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

The greatest threat from hurricanes in Texas is typically August through September and this year is no exception. On September 12, 2021, forecasters at the National Hurricane Center announced Tropical Storm Nicholas had formed in the Gulf of Mexico and storm warnings were issued for coastal Texas. Even if tropical storms don’t grow to hurricane status, heavy rains, flooding, and storm surge can still be disrupting, if not potentially devastating. Further, even if the storm “takes a turn” and you’re in the clear, now is still an excellent time to heed these important reminders:

Make sure Barkaritaville has your current emergency contact information

Important! Please be sure we have your current emergency contact information. The emergency contact person you identified for us perhaps years, or just months, ago may have moved out of the area or gotten a new phone number. Not sure? Contact us and let’s confirm we have the most current emergency contact information on file.  

Make sure you have made the following preparations

For your hurricane (or other emergency) preparedness, make sure you have for your pets:

  • Food, water, and medication for several days.
  • Harness, leash, and collar with tags or identification in case your pet gets lost in the storm.
  • Copy of medical records and microchip numbers.
  • Carrier or crate with enough room to stand up and lie down comfortably.
  • Clean-up and waste supplies such as waste bags, kitty litter and a litter box.
  • Favorite items from home such as a blanket, bowl, toy, or chew.
  • Recent pet photo and a ready first aid kit.
  • Pet-friendly housing identified on your evacuation route: hotels, friends, family, boarding facilities.
  • Designated caretaker in your absence.
  • Your awareness to drive carefully and turn around when you see any standing water, downed trees or powerlines on the road.

So, are you prepared? Do it for your pets!