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Fun Indoor Games for Dogs on Cold or Rainy Days

Did you know that January is generally the coldest month of the year in Texas? And nipping at its heels are among the rainiest months as spring sweeps in. While the weather may be an obvious answer for why there can be no outside fun, try explaining that to an antsy pup. To help keep furry family members entertained on those cold or rainy days, here are a few simple and fun indoor training ideas to keep their minds and bodies active.

Treasure Hunt

  • Hide a few tasty treats in a small room to start—make it simple and obvious at first.
  • Release your dog into the room as you give a cue such as Find it or Search.
  • Praise your dog as they find them.
  • Increase amount of treats and/or space and make it more challenging as they succeed.

Obstacle Course

  • Find common items in your home like yoga mats, ottoman, hoopla hoops, pool noodles, sturdy boxes, etc.
  • Build a simple course with just a few items, lining them up in a row, and with your dog on a leash have them experience sniffing them, touching them with paws, and eventually standing on them or jumping over them.
  • Reward with tasty treats as they succeed.
  • Increase number of obstacles as they get better with this concept.
  • Get creative and have fun! 

Hide and Seek

  • When your dog isn’t looking, hide behind an open door, next to a bed, or in another room. Make it simple at first.
  • Call your dog’s name followed by the Come cue, ONCE in a loud but happy and fun voice and wait for them to find you. 
  • Make a silly noise if they are having trouble locating you; when they find you celebrate with praise, a treat, or just lots of petting!
  • Increase the difficulty as they catch on.
  • This game helps with teaching the Come cue!    

Spin and Twist

  • Take a tasty treat to your dog’s nose while they are in a standing position (all four paws on the floor).
  • Move the treat slowly at nose level in a circle to the right or left having them follow the treat, also known as a lure.
  • Lure them in a complete circle in place and reward. After a few successful circles, add a cue such as Spin for one direction and Twist for the other direction. Or Left and Right.
  • As they get better and faster in their spins, fake them out by luring with no treat in your hand and then making the hand motion less exaggerated. Maybe point your finger drawing a circle in the air as your hand signal

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