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Fireworks and Pet Safety

As this year wraps up, many of us are more than ready to welcome in the new one with a bang. Even though fireworks are notoriously frightening for our furry friends, many folks cannot resist the allure of loud, colorful displays exploding in the sky. But if you put yourself in your pet’s position for a minute, think of how frightened you would be if unexplained loud noises and bright lights began erupting above you without warning. You might just start running, too. So, how can humans gleefully usher in a new year while keeping pets safe and secure?

Create a safe space for your pets

Whether you intend to set off fireworks or you live in a neighborhood where others might, plan ahead for the evening’s festivities by making sure your pets are safely indoors. Ensure windows, doors (including pet doors), and yard gates are closed and secured. And don’t wait until New Year’s Eve to start these precautions as fireworks often begin a few days before and continue days after. Help take the edge off of the pops and bangs with soft music or background television playing. If you plan to have visitors, consider setting your pets up in a separate room while activity is heightened to further reduce stress and the risk of escape during celebratory commotion.

Make sure pets have proper identification

Even if your pets are safely tucked away, music gently playing, a simple additional safeguard for them is wearing a collar with identification tag that clearly provides your contact information. A cute tag with just a name will not help get them home. Don’t have a tag? Use a permanent marker to write your phone number directly on your pet’s collar. Also, if your pet is microchipped ensure your contact information is current. If your pet is not microchipped and you aren’t able to make that happen before fireworks start popping, make getting your pets microchipped a new year’s resolution.

Attend professional fireworks shows and forego your own

If you really need the thrill of a fireworks display but don’t want to frighten your pets, consider attending a professional fireworks display virtually or safely and socially distanced in person. Many local communities put on displays that are free and easy to attend.

San Antonio: The city’s annual New Year’s Eve fireworks show and festivities will be all-virtual this year. News 4 San Antonio will broadcast “Celebrate SA” which starts at 10 p.m. “until the fireworks fizzle” on Thursday, December 31, 2020, with hosts Randy Beamer and Don Harris. In addition to the fireworks, the event will include a performance by the Mélange Band and culinary and cocktail segments. Learn more about the event from San Antonio Parks Foundation here.

Corpus Christi: The Mayor’s Big Bang New Year’s Eve Fireworks display begins at 7 p.m. on Thursday, December 31, 2021, and is estimated to run 18-20 minutes. Fireworks will be launched off a barge positioned north of Peoples Street T-Head on Corpus Christi Bay and will be choreographed to music broadcast from local radio stations 92.7 FM, 95.5 FM, and 1440 AM. The show can be attended in person from the comfort of your car or attended virtually for those who prefer even more comfortably from the couch. Get the details from Visit Corpus Christi here.

The reality of “silent” fireworks

Finally, a note about a story that began making the rounds on social media a few years ago concerning a town in Italy that uses “silent” fireworks. The prospect of fireworks that don’t make the scary noises that send beloved pets bolting and terrify wildlife seemed a simple enough fix. Why didn’t we all use silent fireworks? As it turns out, the reality of this heartwarming story heralded by pet lovers everywhere doesn’t quite measure up to the high hopes of the hundreds of thousands of social media shares. The fact-checking site, Snopes, took a look at silent fireworks and found them probably better described as “reduced noise” displays that “don’t typically include the big aerial explosions found in traditional fireworks shows. Rather than employing some new form of pyrotechnology that dampens the noise of traditional fireworks, such ‘quiet’ displays mostly make selective use of existing non-loud forms of fireworks.” Read more about silent fireworks here.

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