Grooming Salon & Spa

At Barkaritaville's Grooming Salon & Spa, we provide the ultimate pet grooming experience in a calm and soothing atmosphere. Our groomer will make them comfortable while we make them beautiful! We have experience grooming dogs who have special needs.

Standard Bath & Standard Groom

Our standard bath service includes a bath, brush out, teeth brushing, nail filing, and ear cleaning. Our standard groom service includes everything in the standard bath service plus your preferred haircut.

Additional Custom Spa Services

Blueberry Facial

Applied with a warm cloth, this facial brightens and cleans your pet's face and smells great.

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Better than a hot oil treatment!

Dead Sea Mineral Mud Bath Treatment

Formulated to enhance the natural beauty of your pet's coat.

De-Shed Treatment

A treatment that helps remove your pet's loose undercoat, hydrate the skin and hair follicles, and help control future shedding.


Don't need a full grooming, but want your dog's nails done? We'll clip and file your dog's nails. If you like, we'll polish 'em, too.

Pet Hair Dye

A trendy new way to get your pet noticed! Be creative any day, use during holidays such as Halloween, or touch up small spots on brown or black coats.

Due to the variations of grooming needs for each breed, prices will vary. Please call us for rates.

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