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Policies & FAQ

Can I have a tour of the resort?

Sure! Our team will be proud to show you what a state-of-the-art premier pet resort looks like. Feel free to stop by anytime. We pride ourselves on keeping an exceptionally clean facility.

What are your business hours?

Monday-Friday: 7:30am-6:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am-5:00pm
Sunday: Closed (full days lodging fee applies)
Courtesy pickups on Sundays between 4:30pm-5:30pm

What time is check-in and check-out?

Our check-in and check-out time is noon. A full days lodging fee will apply on day of check-in. Pets arriving before check-in are welcome with no extra fees, but your pet may have to wait in a holding area until their room is ready. Picking up your pet after noon will include another day of lodging. If your dog is receiving a go-home bath and groom, kindly pick them up after 4PM. 

What types of vaccines do you require for pets?

All dogs that enter the resort are required to show proof of Rabies, Bordetella (Canine Cough), DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo, Para-influenza) and a yearly healthy fecal exam to check for intestinal parasites. Bordetella must be updated every 6 months. Beginning January 1st, 2011, we are recommending frequent lodging and daycare guests receive the Canine Influenza vaccine.

Cats, we require Rabies and Feline Distemper.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require a $50 deposit (per pet) to confirm your pet's hotel reservation. The deposit will be applied to your pet's stay. Due to high demand, there is a 14 day cancellation policy and all reservations need to be changed or cancelled 14 days in advance to have the deposit fully refunded. If you are unable to cancel 14 days in advance there will be a $25.00 per pet cancellation fee. RESERVATIONS WILL NOT BE CONFIRMED UNTIL A DEPOSIT HAS BEEN MADE

How early do I need to make reservations for the Holidays?

Holiday reservations should be made well in advance as we do book up very fast! For major holidays such as the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and Spring Break week, you should plan on making your reservation several months in advance. The sooner the better. We require a three day minimum stay during a holiday.

Is there a multiple pet discount? 

Yes, if your pets are staying in the same enclosure and don’t exceed our weight limitations (150lbs combined), the first pet is full price, and other family members are each 20% off.

I have more than one pet. Can they stay in the same room together? 

Yes, if you want them to! As long as they get along. We do reserve the right to separate family members if they for any reason are not getting along. Full price for the new enclosure will apply.

What is a Healthy Pet Program?

This is a program that will cover up to $500 of veterinary expenses if your pet should get sick or have an injury during their lodging stay at the resort. The cost is $6 per pet per stay and is a mandatory charge. *Some exclusions apply.

*Exceptions to this coverage are 1) pre-existing health conditions; 2) injury, illness or death resulting from incidents occurring before arrival; 3) injuries sustained from another family pet while boarding or playing together; and 4) gastric dilatation-volvulus (Bloat) 5) Vaccinations must be administered at least 10 days prior to arrival. 6) Pets that have not received Bordetella at least 10 days prior to arrival and show signs of upper respiratory infection will not be covered.

What is a fecal and why do you require it?

A fecal is a laboratory test performed by your veterinarian on a fresh sample of your dog’s stool to look for parasites and/or their eggs. It is different from a heartworm test which is a blood test specifically to detect heartworms. Since we have community playtime in our yards, requiring fecal tests greatly reduces the incidence of parasite transmission from dog to dog. Although some preventatives given for heartworm are effective against some parasites, being on heartworm medication does not exclude you from getting a fecal done for your dog. Remember, all of our requirements are for the health and safety of your pet and our team members. If your pet doesn’t have parasites, they can’t transmit them to others!

What things do I need to bring for my pet's stay?

Pet beds are available for each guest. You may bring a small blanket or flat bedding as long as it’s washable. Three toy limit please. For safety, no rope toys are allowed. Collars/leads aren’t necessary unless someone else is picking up your pet. Please make sure all belongings are labeled appropriately with your pets name prior to check in. We encourage you to bring your pet’s regular diet to help alleviate an upset tummy. If you prefer, we will feed our in-house diet which is a digestible friendly diet for an additional $4.00/Day. Please bring your pet’s food and/or treats labeled with their name in zip-lock baggies no larger than gallon size. Please no Tupperware or large dog food bags. (Exceptions with long term lodging guests).

My pet has never stayed overnight before. Do you have any tips?

The more familiar your pet is with our resort, the better they will do. Plan on bringing your pet a few times for doggie daycare or day lodging so they can get to know the staff. The better they know us, the better they do. The pets that normally do the best are the regular daycare dogs that come 1-2 times a week.  You can always bring your pet's small blanket that will remind them of home.  Feel free to call and check in on your pooch anytime during their stay.

Can you give my pet their medications?

Sure, please bring it in the original packaging. If prescription, please have in labeled bottle with the directions from the veterinarian. Additional $3.00 day fee applies. If your pet is on medication for any contagious illness, a veterinary release is required for your pet to lodge with us.

Do you lodge cats?

Yes! Our feline guest’s will enjoy their own fun in “Catmandu” in a separate quiet and cozy room. We offer two types of enclosures.

Do you accept puppies?

We love puppies! Puppies are accepted at Barkaritaville at 16 weeks, if they have completed their first 3 sets of vaccinations as well as first vaccination for Canine Cough (Bordetella).

Does my dog need to be spayed or neutered for Doggie Daycare?

Due to the dynamics of group play all pets, after 6 months of age must be spayed or neutered for Doggie Daycare. However, your pet is welcome to enjoy day lodging if unaltered.

Do the dogs fight in daycare?

Just like when a child goes to school, something could happen. Our staff has been trained on how to safely manage a pack of dogs, and our staff-to-dog ratios are much higher than other doggie daycares in the area. Our staff has been trained to try to prevent fights rather than react to fights. We are also very selective in the dogs that we allow into our daycare. Any dog that shows aggression at any time is not allowed. Should anything ever happen, we will inform the owner right away. Above all else, your dog’s safety is our top priority!

Do you have a nap time in daycare?

Yes our naps and rest are very important and are less stressful than letting dogs play all day. It is very important to make sure dogs get plenty of rest while at the Daycare; it is like a person going to a gym for several hours a day!

How often will you walk my dog?

No matter which type of enclosure your pet stays in each guest is taken out three times daily for exercise and potty breaks in our large exercise yards. Guests staying in accommodations with patios will also be taken out three times daily in our exercise yards. All yards are in a secured fenced in area and each guest is always supervised at all times by one of our lodging specialist. If you feel your pet needs extra activity, you might try signing up for our extra activities or enrolling your pet in doggie daycare.

Who takes care of my dog?

We have great managers and team members!  All of our team members are required to go through our training process of Knowing Dogs. In addition, all team members are trained in Pet First Aid and CPR. They will know exactly how to care for your pet! You’re welcome to come and meet them anytime.

I would love to work at Barkaritaville…

We are always looking for some good people to work at Barkaritaville. Learn more about our open positions and submit your online application!

How do you keep everything clean?

All enclosures have a climate controlled HVAC system and are sanitized with our central vacuum cleaning system daily. This is an area we pride ourselves in!

What is a self-serve dog wash? 

Our self-serve dog wash is located on the outside of our building and open to the public 24 hrs a day. All the shampoo, conditioner and flea and tick rinse is included in the machine. It even has hot water for those chilly months and an automatic blast dryer. The cost is $10 for 10 minutes. We do recommend bringing a towel for the ride home. *Dog wash accepts cash only.

Hurricane Protocol and Waiver 

For Hurricane Season June 1 – December 1

During hurricane season, we need to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of each pet in our care. Please provide us with a local emergency contact person who can be reached 24-hours a day and can make decisions for you and your pet(s) in case of an impending hurricane.

If a category 3, 4 or 5 hurricane is predicted to make landfall in the Corpus Christi or immediate area, Barkaritaville Pet Resort WILL evacuate all pets at least one day prior to estimated landfall. This will mean that all boarding pets must be picked up by their owners or emergency contacts at least one day prior to estimated landfall. If you or your emergency contact is unable to pick up your pet(s) Barkaritaville Pet Resort will evacuate each pet at the cost of $600.00 per pet which includes transportation, fuel and staff costs. In addition to this fee, if your pet(s) are boarded at an alternate site until BPR is able to return to the area you the owner will be responsible for all costs incurred. For a category 1 or 2 hurricane, we will make safety decisions for your pet(s) based on the recommendations of the local authorities.  Please remember all decisions we make will be final and are made for the safety and best interests of your pet(s).